MOCA Toronto - Identity Concepts

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Creative Direction

A brief was put forth to our group to develop concepts for MOCA, to develop a new identity to go along with their new, relaunched location in 2017. We put forth three concepts, each with different feels, treatments and aims. We then extended the imagery onto corporate stationery, signage, way-finding a website and a small in-house cafe.
Concept 1
The Viewfinder
With The Viewfinder, MOCA is asking people to interact with the museum and with the art it displays. It is a simple but effective way of showing people that their own interpretation of art is always valid. In the words of Chantal Pontbriand “viewers aren’t just spectators, they are activators”.
Concept 2
Throughout the world, eyes hold different meanings. However, regardless of cultural context, the meaning that they hold is significant. In some cultures, eyes symbolize communication. In the others, they represent the third eye, wisdom, and inner understanding. And yet, in other cultures, eyes and eye contact are seen as confrontational, it’s challenging. MOCA and its exhibitions represent all of the aspects that humanity tends to relate to the imagery of an eye. Art is confrontational and thought provoking, it communicates with viewers and, in a way, viewers communicate with it.
Concept 3
The Kaleidoscope
The Kaleidoscope brings the ultimate form of interactivity to MOCA’s image by taking the mark and making it a truly interactive and immersive experience. Art, especially contemporary art, challenges the viewer’s perception. Every look into a Kaleidoscope does this as well, by offering a new, refreshing, never before seen experience built through color and shape. 
Interloc is our version of "the MOCA Cafe" we developed a theme around social circles, community, conversation, concept, challenge, conflict and contemporary thinking. Each treatment has an Interloc concept attached, complete with a metaphorical, illustrated representation of the feel intended for the cafe.
Viewfinder                                                                                                Iris                                        Kaleidoscope

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